Friday, July 24, 2015

Keep Calm, it's a New (pageant) Year

Somehow, life in pageant land never slows down!  It has been just over a month since Miss New Jersey 2015 was crowned, and I’m excited to say that I have already qualified for the next Miss New Jersey pageant by winning the title of Miss Seashore Line!  
Photo courtesy of Richard Krauss, official Miss New Jersey photographer!

I’m counting down the days until pageant week 2016 and feel beyond blessed to share this year with the shore family, including my pageant sisters Kelcie and Madison and my perfect teen sister, Jaime!
 Already matching wherever we go!
 The adventures of Kelcie and Brenna continue...
Can you tell Jaime and I were a little excited?

With a new year, comes a new perspective and another chance to break out of my comfort zone.  Every moment in the Miss America Organization has lead me to be the woman I am today and has taught me the importance of service, friendship, and growth.  Through my work with my platform, Keep Calm and Volunteer On, I’ve been able to meet over 1,000 children and teach them how to find their passion and share it.  Upon getting to know my “Kindness Kids,” I’ve discovered a new passion of mine- something I think needs the utmost attention.  While running a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all dedicated to volunteerism, I’ve connected with children and adults alike through social media to network and share volunteer opportunities.  Unfortunately, I’ve also realized just how detrimental the use of social media can be for those who do not use it with caution and integrity.  While visiting schools to talk about volunteerism, I was constantly approached by teachers who needed help stressing to their students the importance of internet responsibility.  Kids who are new to the cybersphere need a lesson about safety, upstanding against cyber-bullying, and using social media to do good.  I have seen firsthand the ways children of this generation are misusing the Internet, and have been inspired to do something about it.  I’m thrilled to be starting a movement that will ultimately improve young people’s Internet experience and create a social media world free of danger and negativity.  With my new title of Miss Seashore Line, I’m ready to take steps with my newly revamped platform, now entitled, “A World of Difference: navigating the cybersphere.”  I will focus on using social media to our advantage and educating children and parents alike on how to properly monitor your social media presence.  My Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will remain up and running- they may have a different name, but they will continue to share positive messages and volunteer opportunities as a way to better my followers’ Internet experience.  I cannot thank you all enough for staying with me on this journey.  Keep Calm and Volunteer On will continue to be a mantra for me, and I hope for many whom I've been able to impact.  Buckle your seat belts and prepare for blast off- "A World of Difference: navigating the cybersphere" is sure to take us on a new journey to better the coming generations!
Design courtesy of Peggy Nicolle!

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