Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

For this 15th Day of April, I’m continuing my goal of using the 15th of each month to better myself!  This month I plan to focus on practicing more patience.  In life, I have learned that impatience is a weakness of mine, facilitated by perfectionism.  Working at a children’s developmental center for children with autism has challenged me to work in a way that I never have before.  While I’ve always loved children, I have never worked so closely with children in terms of helping them to grow developmentally.  There is quite a bit of patience that goes into fulfilling an autistic child’s basic needs and helping them to enjoy time with their typical peers.  In my pageant world life, I have noticed that patience is a virtue in that contestants can put everything they have into preparation, but it is up to a panel of judges to decide their fate.  With this lack of control comes a necessity for patience. 
I’ve always made it my mission to create my own success and to never wait for something to happen for me.  While this, in part, is a component of my successes, I’ve learned that I cannot always make all of my goals and aspirations come true without the approval of good old father time.  On this 15th day of April, I vow to remind myself when I’m feeling restless that there is a perfect time for everything in life and that I cannot control the workings of fate.  I vow not to wait for good things to come to me, but to do everything in my power to clear the path so that in the right timing, I can find good things.

I am particularly impatient when it comes to spending time with my pageant family.  Only 10 days until Miss New Jersey Orientation (but who’s counting?)!  This means 9 days until a slumber party with my sister queen, Kelcie, and our directors!  While I was home for Easter, Kelcie and I had plenty of appearances, gym sessions, and laughs. 
I was so honored to have been asked to sing the National Anthem for the inaugural Hero 5k in support of our emergency service providers of Gloucester County.  The money raised went to a fund for children of those providers who lose their lives in the line of service.  ((They also had a Dunkin Donuts truck which proved to be dangerous for me :))

We love our time together at Training Aspects, and of course we can't help but match wherever we go!

The Easter Bunny and I hanging out the Saturday before the holiday!  I loved watching my fellow Gloucester County residents come by to take pictures and talk with this icon!  Thank you, Duffield's Farm Market for having me!

As this day dwindles down, I am reminded by fate that the universe has some tricks up its sleeve.  My Mom and family members spent some time together to purchase Miss New Jersey pageant tickets when the online site opened.  Of course, I was already excited that the tickets go on sale on the 15th, but something even more surprising made me smile.  When my Mom reviewed the tickets she purchased, she found a lone seat, separate from all the others she bought.  She doesn't recall purchasing the seat and wouldn't have bought one by itself.  The seat happens to be number 15.  I'd like to think that my Nana, who would love nothing more to be with me these past few years, bought herself a seat ;)  Call it fate, call it dumb luck, or call it a gift from above!  I have some great angels and people surrounding me.  I plan to use this knowledge to keep my patience when I need it most.  At the end of the day, all that matters is that you've got people you love by your side.  

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